We are Geert and Lenie and we live in a small town called Soerendonk , Cranendonck in the Netherlands. This is why our kennel name is , from the Cranedonckse country. Soerendonk is located in North Brabant , close to the Belgian border.

We live together with our five dogs ,four Rhodesian Ridgebacks , Abos , Bosi ,and Yara & Baina and our crossing Boxer x Cane corso Tula . Our dogs have in and around our house the space to play and run.

Our whole life we are brought up with dogs in the nearness , these were all kinds of breeds, like Scottish sheepdog, German shepherd, poodle and jack Russell terrier.
The Rhodesian Ridgeback was always a wish, I ( Lenie ) saw this dog years back at a show and when I got home I immediately looked up what type of dog this was.

What appeals to us is the character, individuality, true to the pack leader ( boss ) and adherence / attachment , but also that they do not have the pleasing behavior .
Furthermore, we find it a beautiful powerful dog , with a proud radiation.

We like to share with you how our pack is established ;
Our first Ridgeback was Abos , in December 2011, he came into our in our lives . A great dog with a strong mind / will , as a puppy we had our hands full with him . They say , a Ridgeback you do not have an a solid line but on a elastic line , well that refers to our dog Abos .But it is absolutely a sweetheart , he's happy with us around , especially if we are in the kitchen .... because taking something from the counter, he can do that as the best.

A three months later , April 2012, Bosi came to us , a very sweet bitch / girl and a very easy puppy.

She and Abos get on very well together. Although she often came to us for some protection the first months, because he was a little bit rough with the playing. But soon also Bosi stood her ground. In everyday life Bosi is at the head of the pack. She has the characterdescription of the Ridgeback , she's detached to strangers, in the beginning she does not find them very interesting, she even shows them her back side...

But every evening she crawls up to one of us at the cough. She likes to cuddle a lot.

In the summer of 2012 we went with Abos and Bosi 3.5 weeks wandering through Sweden and Norway , this was a great holiday . We always take the dogs with us on a holiday . We go with the car and caravan on the road , our dogs are from a puppy age accustomed to sleep in the caravan and traveling with the car.
After 2.5 weeks we arrived in Voss ,Norway. At this camping there was a litter born The parent dogs where both present and very nice dogs. It was a Boxer and a Canecorso.   The puppies were 8 weeks old and so beautiful.

Because of the many guests they were very good socialized . We were quickly in love with our beautiful Tula and have impulsively decided to take her home. That decision we have never regretted it , it's a great dog.

In april 2014 came our Yara. Yara is the daughter of our Bosi and is born in our home.In 2015 we kept a second daughter from our  Bosi, her name is Baina.

We often go cycling with the dogs or go for a walk in the woods or on sandy areas, where they can run around . You then can see how they hunted in the past with the hunter to catch the lions. They really work together to close in a dog and to "catch" him or her . Also we do Cani Cross, this is running with your dog on a elastic line, he or she pulls you ahead. Its so cool to do that together.
In the Autumn we go to the sea in the weekends, because then the dogs are allowed on the beach. This they find great, but they are not going into the water, none of them likes wet feet.What we want to tell you with this story is that our dogs are part of the family , they are always where we are.
I hope you will enjoy our site, every dog has its own page .

For questions or other matters , we are always available ,
Greetings Geert and Lenie

abos en YaraOverOns2Yara  FryaTula  1Yara en Antar 2bosi profielfoto

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